Case Studies

Accelerating High Potential Future Fitness

The Challenge

Future Fit Academy engaged with a leading OEM in the automotive industry. As part of the leadership development strategy the client needed their next generation of leaders to assume greater leadership scope, responsibility, and complexity at a faster rate than their predecessors.
Much will be asked of the organisation’s future leaders given the changes that are redefining the automotive landscape. The question that was plaguing our client was: Are our future leaders prepared and ready for the future of work?

Our Solution

Our work started by reviewing and adjusting the client’s competency framework to consider expected changes in the automotive landscape. This was done across all levels of leadership and management across the organization. We work closely with all related Human Capital stakeholders across the organization as well as with the OEM’s Customer Value Proposition consultants.

The next step was to conduct a ‘skills audit’ to ascertain current levels of proficiency across the competency framework. As part of the skills audit, we include the Future Fit Index to assess levels of readiness across a range of critical future fit skills. The results gave us a good indication of the development areas to focus on.

We partnered with selected associates and subject matter experts in our global network and we designed learning pathways at Junior, Middle, Senior and Executive levels. Our instructional designers together with the SME’s designed customized learning around key changes in the automotive industry. These automotive modules focused on the development areas identified but were contextualized in the emerging automotive landscape. The customized modules were supplemented with 8 of the Future Fit Skills modules. Again, the Future Fit skills were integrated into the emerging automotive landscape. All modules were delivered online and supplemented with one on one coaching and curated knowledge.

The Results

  • Increased levels of competency in a range of critical future skills (pre and post assessments were conducted)
  • Enhanced levels of employee engagement
  • Improved cross functional collaboration


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