AI Guides Workers To Navigate Careers & 5 Ways It Can Unlock Talent In The Workplace

AI guides (artificial intelligence) for workers are on everybody’s minds and while we are aware of this major trend in tech development, we have noticed AI appearing more often. It is now one of the highest-demand areas of expertise for job seekers.

When you hear ‘AI guides workers’ we are certain that you have imagined science-fiction fantasies or horrid images of robots taking over our world. AI has not always been depicted in the kindest manner. While we cannot predict exactly how AI will evolve in the future, the current trends and development display how AI will become part of our lives. 

AI guides businesses worldwide already and is functioning all around us whether you know it or not. It is guiding everything from our search results to our online dating prospects, to the way we shop. Data shows that the use of AI in many sectors of business has grown by 270% over the last four years.

AI Guides Workers To Navigate Their Careers

Have you ever tried writing down a list of your top skills? We believe you would probably come up with around 11. However, when AI guides and assesses them for you that figure would more than treble to 34 which will give rise to new career pathways you had never considered.

According to research, people tend to underestimate their skillsets due to inherent bias. This pilot study aimed to close skills gaps by giving a truer picture of just how talented workers are and how they could transition into emerging job roles. Moreover, the study’s mission was to help transition workers from low-growth to high-growth jobs.

AI guides workers in their careers [FutureFit Academy}

Here Is What We Know About AI

  • Workplaces in the consumer industry are facing a ‘double disruption’ from automation and the economic impact of COVID-19.
  • The Consumer Industries of the World Economic Forum has collaborated with Unilever, Walmart, Accenture, and SkyHive on a pilot study where AI guides workers’ skills and matches them to emerging job roles.
  • The pilot found people have an inherent bias that makes them underestimate their skill sets.
  • It would only take six months for people to be reskilled for new roles in completely contrasting functions.
  • Companies have a responsibility to upskill workers to keep them employable in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Why Is Upskilling Vital To Be FutureFit?

Ai guides the workforce to better opportunities. Why? Because one in five workers are employed by consumer industries that produce, sell and distribute goods and services for billions of consumers worldwide.

However, workplaces are facing a ‘double disruption’ from automation and the economic impact of COVID-19, which were catalysts for the pilot study.

AI guides workers in their careers [FutureFit Academy}

According to reports, 85 million jobs may be displaced by machines by 2025. Yet 97 million new, more adaptable roles will emerge which are closer to the division of labour between humans, machines, and algorithms.

For those employees who wish to remain in their roles, between 40-50% will need to reskill their core skills in the next five years. AI guides workers because we are living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is imperative that we all upskill if we want a prosperous future for business and society.

What Is AI & How Is It Shaping Business?

According to Forbes, AI is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.

Undoubtedly, people are thinking about how AI guides our lives and eventually our career pathways. For most of us, AI has come up in conversation with clients or associates and we are all getting the sense that it is a phenomenon that is likely going to have a big impact in the tech world.

Just in case you had not noticed, we are living in a digital era and technology is our future. Just like when the economist Paul Krugman said in 1998, “By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machines.”

AI guides workers in their careers [FutureFit Academy}

Therefore, you do not want to be behind the curve with AI guides for business or anything else.

In fact, 90% of leading businesses already have ongoing investments in AI technologies. More than half of businesses that have implemented a form of AI-driven technology report experiencing greater productivity.

As a result, AI is having a powerful impact on sectors of business.

AI Guides Skills And Assesses Potential

At FutureFit Academy we are seeking to answer three key questions:

1. Is it possible to find and unlock hidden skills?

2. Are there more innovative ways to prepare people for the future of work?

3. Do workable pathways exist for people to move between organisations?

AI guides workers in their careers [FutureFit Academy}

Studies have found roles in 11 representative cities in the US, Europe, and Latin America, which were then broken down into a collection of clearly defined skills.

Not only did researchers find that people vastly underestimate their own skills, but that a person would only need to pick up one or two skills to switch careers entirely.

AI Guides Job Searches In Business

The job searching world is reshaping as we speak and if you are trying to progress in the hopes that a hiring manager will give you the benefit of the doubt for a small misstep within your application, you might be in for a rude awakening.

Why? Well, AI guides workers and plays a massive role in the hiring process, so much so that up to 75% of resumes are rejected by an automated applicant tracking system, (ATS) before they even reach a human being.  

Whereas in the past, recruiters would need to dedicate a considerable amount of time to evaluating resumes to find the best candidates. Data from LinkedIn shows that recruiters can spend up to 23 hours looking over resumes for one successful hire. 

AI Guides And AI-Powered Programs

However, nowadays even recruiters are replaced with AI resume scanning and AI-powered programs. In 2018, 67% of hiring managers stated that AI was making their jobs easier.

Although automation and algorithms are prevalent in the hiring process, businesses have been critical of the use of certain types of AI by hiring managers. Their scepticism is based on the charge that AI guides can perpetuate and ever create more bias in hiring. 

AI guides workers in their careers [FutureFit Academy}

An example of this is a start-up whose first services included technology that aimed to use facial recognition software and psychology to figure out the potential effectiveness of a candidate in a certain role.

However, the Electronic Privacy Information Centre filed a lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission alleging that this software had the potential to perpetuate bias and prejudice. That is why the use of facial recognition software in early 2021 was dropped, and now uses audio analysis and natural language processing instead.

Therefore, it’s clear that AI guides job seekers and hiring managers but its use is controversial while the technology develops. But if potential employers are using AI to process your application, there is no reason that you cannot be using similar technology to your advantage. 

AI Guides To Focus Your Energy

AI guides for employees in the workplace are incredibly beneficial for focusing your energy on specific upskilling paths or making your professional profile more competitive in the job market.

Upskilling is especially important when you consider that AI will have such far-reaching impacts across industries.

At the top of the skills list, are AI and machine learning in today’s job market. Jobs requesting AI or machine-learning skills are expected to increase by 71% in the next five years. If you’d like to expand your knowledge in AI skills then consider free online courses or reach out to us via our contact page.

AI guides workers in their careers [FutureFit Academy}

If you are tech-savvy, it is wise to dive deep and learn as much as you can about interacting in the AI space. If your skills lie elsewhere, it is important to recognise that AI will have a significant impact and you should try to understand the fundamentals of how it functions in different sectors. 

AI guides the world nowadays and is here to stay. We do not think there is anything to be afraid of. The best way to move forward is to be aware of AI and adapt to the modern technology around us.

Five Ways AI Guides Talent In The Workplace

While studies have already shown us the benefits of AI guidance, there are five key lessons to takeaway.

1. Upskilling Is Smart Business

Upskilling is one of the smartest things for a business to do, even if it is external because of the impact organisations have on communities.

We cannot look at someone in manufacturing as only able to fulfil a manufacturing job. Now we can look at how to match their purpose, passions, and skills with roles in a variety of sectors, from healthcare to R&D to clean energy.

2. Encourage Talent Mobility

Data and AI guides empower people to make personal choices about their careers based on strengths, interests, and other individual criteria.

AI guides workers in their careers [FutureFit Academy}

The HR function can support that decision-making process by supplying career path options and learning opportunities.

3. End Bias

AI guides open possibilities that people can’t see due to inherent biases.

There is widespread evidence that women and people of colour under-represent their skills.

However, AI will help people shed biases and create more fair processes and more job pathways.

4. A Change In Culture

Management needs to shift their mindsets to foster a culture that recognises the relationship between growing career opportunities for people and growing businesses.

That means that businesses need to structure themselves as a company and as an enterprise who upskills regularly as a competitive advantage or as a business imperative rather than doing it later when you have time to get to it.

5. Cross-Industry Collaboration Accelerates Business

Companies achieve less when they go at it alone instead of collaborating with other organisations to prepare people in their communities for the future of work.

AI guides workers to find their uniqueness.

Those who put people first and support a culture of lifelong learning and personal growth will ensure workers still are productive and employable. This needs to happen urgently.

This is proof the concept works, and AI guides will help create cross-industry to create an ecosystem for both retention and redeployment in adjacent emerging jobs.

Today is your chance to rise to the challenge of learning what is required to stay relevant in the future world of work.

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