Case Studies

Building a Future Fit Sales Function

The Challenge

The client’s industry suffered major drawbacks because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the travel industry opens in a post-COVID world, a critical value proposition of travel agencies and travel advisors is effective customer engagement – from finding new customers through to servicing customers acquired.

Traveller behaviour (like all customer behaviour) has changed, and the client realised that the ‘old way’ of finding new clients and servicing existing clients is no longer sufficient. Digital adoption and consumption are on the rise, and the new experience sought by all players in the market required a revisit of sales and key account management practices.

Our Solution

Together with the client we reviewed the current sales and account management methodologies that the client was using. We adapted these to consider changes in the market, in particular customer buying behavior and the competitive landscape – as well as redefined value chain in the industry. After developing a customized approach to new client acquisition and account management we mapped Future Fit skills to the methodologies to support and underpin the use thereof. We integrated the following Future Fit Skill into the methodologies to be used:

  • Curiosity: to formulate the correct questions for discussion and to suspend judgement, or making a decision (submitting a proposal) too quickly.
  • Dealing with Paradox: Using ‘both/and’ thinking to straddle seemingly contradictory or conflicting demands.
  • Design Thinking and Innovation: Using a design thinking mindset when solutioning for a client.
  • Connectedness: forming purposeful and meaningful ‘connected’ relationships with decision makers.
  • Influence Without Authority: how to use personal power to influence and persuade decision makers in the buying decision cycle


  • A common approach and common language to client acquisition and account management.
  • Increase in lead generation of 27%.
  • Increase of 35% leads converted to proposals.
  • Deals closed increased by 10%.


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