Employee Mindset Creates Engaged Staff With 8 Effective Well-Being Methods

Employee mindset is what business owners must focus on as they quickly try to improve their work-life balance and the mental health of employees. We are seeing this increasingly in 2022, especially as the pandemic continues to lead to more stress and burnout.

Prioritizing employee well-being means we need to provide additional employee benefits, greater flexibility, sign-on bonuses, and an overall positive workplace experience.

Since COVID-19, the focus on employee mindset has been an amazing way for organizations to attract and retain talent.

Surveys show that 53% of employers added mental health programs to their employee benefits due to the pandemic. 44% of the organizations surveyed said they added or increased paid time off and wellness programs for their workforce.

Read more to find out how you can enhance employee mindset and meet their expectations for flexible working and better healthcare to help them keep the personal energy they need to survive and thrive when times get tough.

Employee Mindset Aligns And Energizes Business

If business owners do not adapt to flexible working environments, then they will experience the opposite of productivity and vitality which is burnout.

As the employee mindset takes center stage, it is at the forefront of organizations’ plans. We are up against the economic burden of sickness and stress, both in medical expenses and lost productivity.

employee mindset matters at work [FutureFit Academy]

However, remote or hybrid working situations have given employees a greater understanding and concern for their own wellbeing. They want companies to act more human and to have a greater purpose that speaks to connection and support.

What Does The Employee Mindset Trend Mean?

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has impacted engagement and performance negatively. To offset this, companies must put employee well-being at the forefront by monitoring and nurturing their wellness more seriously than ever before.

Business owners leading the way in employee wellbeing have included it in all aspects of their employee strategy. And guess what? The research shows that their actions are having a positive impact on retention, absenteeism levels, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

8 Wellbeing Methods To Create An Aligned Business

There are eight top methods companies can use to create an aligned business that will promote a positive employee mindset and ensure you address their needs.

employee mindset matters at work [FutureFit Academy]

However, our skills training courses can help you access different ways of thinking that will enable leaders to shift and experiment as things change.

1. Help Employees Find Purpose

Employees expect their jobs to bring a significant sense of purpose to their lives. Therefore, business owners should help meet this need or be prepared to lose talent to companies that will.

In fact, your talent agencies must note that employees who live their purpose at work are more productive than those who do not. They are also healthier, more resilient, and more likely to stay at the company.

When employee mindset is healthy and they feel that their purpose is aligned with your company’s purpose, there will be stronger employee engagement, heightened loyalty, and a greater willingness to recommend the company to others.

2. Encourage Social Events

Whilst there are advantages to working remotely, it is challenging for those employees to enjoy socializing with colleagues at work.

employee mindset matters at work [FutureFit Academy]

Therefore, we suggest companies get creative and start finding ways to encourage social events and bonding time or get-togethers.

There are a variety of examples from online channels for non-work banter to hosting virtual charity events or even setting up physical social events if you work in the same area.

3. Financial Benefits

Chronic stress is not healthy for the employee mindset alone, but financial stress multiplies the impact. As result, employees might avoid health investments to save money.

Also, stress is distracting and when employees worry about their financial wellness, they lose focus and are less productive in the office. They might be feeling the burden of all this stress and need their employers to help support financial wellness.

employee mindset matters at work [FutureFit Academy]

However, business owners can provide financial benefits to show they care about employee mindset, which inspires loyalty and motivation. When employees feel their employers care about their health and well-being, they’re 38 percent more engaged.

You will boost the overall well-being of employees by investing in financial wellness which improves their health, productivity, and engagement.

For example, a manufacturing company could offer its employees a purchasing program whereby they can buy merchandise (i.e., appliances, audio/visual equipment.) on an installment/interest-free basis and through payroll deductions.

4. Physical Health

It is in a company’s best interests to invest in employee mindset along with employee physical health by encouraging a healthier working environment.

Employees with sub-par health contribute to higher healthcare costs. And while these costs stem from mental health issues, health studies found that employees with poor physical health accumulate healthcare expenses more than three times greater than their healthy co-workers.

employee mindset matters at work [FutureFit Academy]

Just an hour of exercise a day can decrease the risk of disease and improve brain function in a variety of ways. Exercise also facilitates information processing and memory functions. Better yet, employees who exercise have greater brain volume in parts of the brain associated with reasoning and executive function as well as improved moods.

Therefore, exercise improves employee mindset. This may mean your company must introduce healthier food menus, on-site gym classes or lunchtime walks.

5. Community Interactions

There is nothing more motivating and rewarding than being initiative-taking in the community and having the opportunity to give back, have influence, or grow professionally.

A great way to enhance employee mindset is to offer employees 6 days of paid leave a year to volunteer for organizations or training courses that support the local community. This helps employees to learn skills that will help them grow their skills and make an impact.

6. Mental And Emotional

We recommend implementing development programs to strengthen the emotional intelligence of leaders, as well as building resilience and adaptability in individuals.

Millennials are now the biggest sector of the workforce, yet they have higher rates of depression than any other generation before them. Therefore, the employee mindset is of utmost importance.

People experience an emotional roller coaster of happiness, jealousy, and sadness in less than 30 seconds on social media. Employees are constantly overloaded. Just like a phone battery, we need to recharge our minds.

Emotional well-being issues in the workplace can also cost employers up to $500 billion per year. To reduce and prevent burnout, employers can take top-down action to create a workplace culture that encourages employees to raise their hands and ask for help.

We need emotional support, connectedness, and personalized support from our workplaces.

We Are Excited

There are infinite possibilities and opportunities for companies to support employee mindset and offer a solution that can help everyone.

As we start implementing changes we will see improvements in productivity, attrition, and talent acquisition. This will have an amazing effect on the bottom line.

Investing in employee well-being is an easy decision.

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