Frequently Asked Questions

The FFI assessment is NOT a personality assessment and it is not a psychometric assessment. It has been developed by integrating a range of validated instruments and behavioural assessments. The Future Fit Index is a self-assessment that assesses the fifteen critical skills – future fit skills – needed to be effective now and in the future world of work. Our detailed report provides respondents with awareness of their level of readiness across these skills, as well as suggested developmental pathways for each of the skills assessed.

This assessment and the report you will receive will help you become more aware of your readiness and behavioural preferences with regard to critical future world of work skills. You will also be more aware of the impact of your current readiness (and behaviors) with each skill. As you become more aware of these, you can then embark on learning journeys to develop the skills required.

You answer 150 questions using a 5 point scale from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. It should take about 45-60 minutes to complete. Answer the questions truthfully without overthinking the answers. Do not overanalyse the questions. Be as honest as possible as it can be tempting to base your answers on an ideal version of yourself vs the real version of yourself.

The FFI assessment is a self-assessment. It can only be as accurate as your responses.

No one will see your report. The report is emailed directly to you and no one else. See our Privacy Policy to support the safeguard of your
information provided and the results of the assessment.

After registering to your Fiture Index, you will be redirected to our payment gateway which will allow you to pay using your credit card.

The cost is R499. After completion of the index, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing your results.

Our online courses cost R899. After completion you will receive a certificate.

Our courses are all recorded which allows you to work at your own pace.

Yes, FutureFit Academy courses can be customised to focus on sector-specific content and applications.

Yes, SA Business Schools, the sister company of Future Fit Academy, can align skills programmes with Future Fit skills to ensure skills points.