Hybrid Innovation & Why It’s Effective For Growing Business In Chaotic 2022

Hybrid innovation is here for leaders in the workspace whose teams are co-located, remote, or a combination of both. Business owners need to be ready to implement the next set of actions to build a culture in which innovation, creativity, and collaboration can thrive regardless of any physical boundaries separating employees.

2022 has been a pinnacle year of chaos but also brings a wave of dramatic innovation.

Economists state that every downturn in the economy results in a new era-defining upturn. Therefore, hybrid innovation and the ability to change attitudes and entrepreneurial mindsets will drive the fourth industrial revolution and accelerate innovation.

We believe that although times are tough, 2022 is the moment where the global pandemic has led to a shake-out of markets where consumers are driving new agendas, businesses are embracing new models and new leaders are rising.

In fact, this year the global economy will surpass $100 trillion for the first time, growing by 4% globally, an average that hides dramatic and dynamic changes.

So, what is the future potential of your business?

Hybrid Innovation Will Drive Business Through Chaos

We are expecting more change in the next 10 years than we have ever seen in the last 250 years. No wonder businesses have struggled to adapt to a pace of change that is so rapid. It is not easy to look ahead, in a world where stable and incremental progress has transformed into complexity and uncertainty.

hybrid innovation and growing business through chaos 2022 [FutureFit Academy]

However, hybrid innovation and being able to consider the future is what every stakeholder seeks as it is the way forward, which brings opportunities to gain experience and improve the world. FutureFit strives to create leaders who can see and shape our future and guide others in getting there.

It is pertinent that business leaders clearly define their vision and maintain boldness in their efforts to create a diversity of perspectives and thoughtfulness of choice. Hybrid innovation will allow us to seize new opportunities before others.

How can you make sense of sudden changes if you cannot see your own vision?

How-To Drive Innovation And Transformation

Often what prohibits business owners from adapting their systems to modern changes, is not wanting to plunge into the unknown. To eliminate doubt, we need to educate leaders about how we can connect hybrid innovation with transformation, and how progress delivers purposeful impact with profitable and sustainable growth.

hybrid innovation and growing business through chaos 2022 [FutureFit Academy]

Transformation requires optimism and excitement for the future.

The world is experiencing massive amounts of scrutiny and judgment from their customers from all parties within their ecosystem, including suppliers, partners, investors, competitors, observers, government agencies, and media organizations.

However, hybrid innovation will help you thrive through the chaos by satisfying stakeholders’ demand for authenticity, meaning, purpose, feeling, and connection.

Hyper-Volatility Is The New Norm

Volatility and chaos are uneasy experiences for us collectively as individuals and businesses. However, we can push back with hybrid innovation and accept imperfection to focus on betterment.

hybrid innovation and growing business through chaos 2022 [FutureFit Academy]

We have more intuitive technologies, products, and services that will constantly evolve to meet our needs.

Now is the time for brands to remain true to what they stand for, their mission, values, and purpose. It is not about selling useless products anymore but demonstrating true and authentic experiences and value.

1. Transforming Community

Our courses will train you in hybrid innovation and help you to adjust to the rapid pace of change.

The biggest trend in hybrid innovation today is the Metaverse which is already happening. The metaverse is an overlap of Virtual Reality and the Immersive World which enables community, creativity, and authenticity of meaning. So rather than just talking, the metaverse involves doing, assessing, and experimenting.

hybrid innovation and growing business through chaos 2022 [FutureFit Academy]

There are possibilities business leaders can consider for services, products, clients, brands, and trends. The metaverse can create a second world that enables people to create avatars and then draw comparisons between them and their real selves.

Hybrid innovation could mean giving a disabled employee that chance to experience superpower physical abilities. The world is chaotic, but hybrid innovation means endless opportunities for reframing the ‘self’ and community.

We encourage businesses to take this opportunity to learn the skills to not just sell more but to connect with and understand their consumers more deeply.

2. Digital Is The Future

This is the least surprising phenomenon. Everything is digital and digital is everything.

The secret is to develop your hybrid innovation skills and learn to integrate digital into every level of the business strategy. This means seeing your digital strategy as part of your overall strategy.

hybrid innovation and growing business through chaos 2022 [FutureFit Academy]

It is certain that digital allows businesses to diversify and reach new audiences through online stores, bookings, and advertising at the click of a button.

The pandemic accelerated the digital era, with business owners having to tap into hybrid innovation and rethink their offerings.

3. Purposeful Strategy

Every strategy nowadays must include a strong, innate purpose.

Hybrid innovation has created a strong global sense of community and giving back. Therefore, businesses need to align themselves with a higher sense of purpose. We are not suggesting you need to completely commit to ridding the world of its evils, but you do need to commit to flowing through every channel of your business.

Truthfully, businesses that do not follow this unspoken rule will not survive in the age of empowered, digitally savvy, and globally conscious consumers.

Try not to think too hard about it and do it.

4. The Quantified Self 

Business leaders are seeing health and wellness technologies in mental health and digital fitness as a huge investment category.

People can track everything from food to sleep, to exercise and have an understanding in real-time of the effectiveness of everything they do.

hybrid innovation and growing business through chaos 2022 [FutureFit Academy]

We call this ‘the quantified self.’ The concept helps identify otherwise invisible aspects through digital apps. Interestingly, it stretches far beyond the health and wellness sector. Nowadays, you can track where your waste ends up, the supply chain of the food you buy, and even the content your child is engaging with online.

Business leaders, allow digital to empower your vision to satisfy your clients even further. You see, now that customers can track everything, they are savvy about what works and what does not. Therefore, they have the tools to evaluate every aspect of your business.

Leverage hybrid innovation so the quantified self positively impacts customers’ loyalty and engagement.

5. Collaborative Competition 

Successful business leaders today know that collaboration beats competition as a strategy.

However, with vast challenges from the economy to climate change, to the pandemic and political instability rising globally. It is increasingly obvious that businesses can only solve these problems if they work together.

hybrid innovation and growing business through chaos 2022 [FutureFit Academy]

Imagine a world where we all combined our resources and expertise to find solutions to these challenges. We believe it is possible now that our world is becoming purpose-driven. Hybrid innovation and technology can deliver powerful partnerships and align great minds.

Enrich your mind with skills to be FutureFit.

6. Flexibility Over Rigidity

Amidst the chaos over the past two years and hybrid innovation, there has been a removal of rigid industries like never before.

For businesses to meet the demands of clients and navigate restrictions, businesses have had to diversify which means the walls of business have broken down.

Agile and flexible businesses have the FutureFit skills to try new avenues, examine their core business offerings and what potential channels are close to that, and are ready for hybrid innovation.

hybrid innovation and growing business through chaos 2022 [FutureFit Academy]

This requires brands to reframe what they stand for. For example, take a premium brand of chocolate. You might be able to produce chocolate, but there is still an opportunity to reframe to become a business that stands for luxury.

Here, the brand can open possibilities of what else they might offer, be that homeware, clothing, food and drink products, or healthcare items.

Navigate The Chaos

Hybrid innovation will help business leaders to navigate their way through the chaos. As we look ahead past 2022, there is infinite potential and play that brands need to embrace.

In a world filled with innovation and rapid change, what do you choose to do?

We suggest seeking to progress because continuing with the same old will not achieve the success for which you are striving.

Insights and ideas fuel new thinking, and new actions that move us forward. That is why we educate leaders who have the courage and vision to create better futures, for themselves, their organizations, and our world.

Now is the time to make huge changes and find transformational opportunities.

What will you do in 2022?

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